A Tranquil Escape: Our Villa

Laborie Estate provides pretty much everything you need: restaurants, vistas, vino and our Villa (just to name a few).

Our Villa is located on the eastern border of the estate, a short drive through the vineyards away from Stoep, The Farm Grocer, Suzanne and the Manor House. This magnificent property houses six double rooms, three of which are deluxe suites and the rest luxury rooms. Rooms three and four, along with a small lounge area, can be reserved as a family unit.

The Villa overlooks the picturesque vineyards of the estate and caters for groups, big or small, wanting to unwind, take it easy (or possibly not that easy) and not worry about the menu planning for the stay. Each suite houses a mini fridge (perfect for your newly-shopped The Farm Grocer haul!), with the communal kitchen providing a space for a quick bacon and eggs or heat-and-eat meal.

Included in all accommodation rates at Laborie Estate is breakfast at Stoep restaurant where you can choose from the à la carte breakfast menu, so we’re pretty sure this is what you would rather opt for! Speaking of opting for our Villa, the communal pool is most certainly attractive, especially if you have traipsed the trails (by bicycle or foot – your choice).

Lunch and supper are also sorted if you aren’t exploring the beauty of Paarl which is right on your doorstep, with Suzanne, Stoep, Cucina de Giovanni and The Farm Grocer providing other options. If you’re on a liquid diet, The Farm Grocer has an impressive selection of both local and international wines, or you can visit our tasting venue to savour Laborie’s award-winning wines.

Suzanne caters from coffee to cocktails and Laborie Estate’s restaurants also provide local beers for your appreciation. Book one, two or more of the rooms or book out the entire place for your family get-together, sports team or wedding party in an inviting space geared to making sure your stay is memorable.

Prices are seasonal, so make your bookings at reservations@laborieestate.co.za.

We’re keen to make your stay at Laborie Estate as special as we possibly can, so get in touch and let us know what you need.